The Clinton Historical Society will be adding videos of selected program meetings, exhibits, and special events to the website as they become available.

The following videos are available on You Tube. Click the link to watch.

“Ride the Day Line in 1949” – November 4, 2016 Time: 25 minutes

Presented by Craig Marshall, Clinton Town Historian & CHS Vice President

This program is a short history of the Hudson River Day Line Company and early steam boating on the Hudson River “presented” by Donald C. Ringwald as portrayed by Craig Marshall in uniform. Don Ringwald (deceased) was bursar of the Day Line Co. and an author of books on Hudson River steamboats and the history of the Hudson River Day Line Company.

“History of the Clinton Town Historical Center and Wing’s Hall” – June 29, 2017 Time: 21 minutes

Presented by Craig Marshall, Clinton Town Historian & CHS Vice President

The Clinton Historical Center includes the Town Hall (1924), the Community Library (1975), court/offices addition (1988), plus the Spooky Hollow Schoolhouse (c1850), and the Masonic Hall (1865). Wing’s Dance Hall, located in Clinton Corners, began in 1907 and was a popular place for social gatherings for 43 years. Craig Marshall portrays John Lyons who bequeathed funds to build the Town Hall in 1924.

“The History of Schultzville” – June 15, 2015 Time: 44 minutes

Presented by Craig Marshall, Clinton Town Historian & CHS Vice President

Part 1: The history of Schultzville, a historic hamlet in the Town of Clinton, is presented by Theodore “Gus” Schultz (grandson of the founder of Schultzville), as portrayed by Craig Marshall. It covers the period from its founding in 1807 through the early 20th century, displaying many vintage photographs from the CHS archive.
Part 2: Craig Marshall presents the architectural features of the Daniel H. Schultz Victorian house built in 1856 in Schultzville.

“History of Clinton Town Center and Wings Hall” – November 6, 2020 Time: 20 Minutes

Presented by Craig Marshall, Clinton Town Historian & CHS Vice President

Town Historian and Clinton Historical Society Vice-President Craig Marshall will give a virtual presentation of the Town Hall, Library, Masonic Hall, Spooky Hollow schoolhouse and Wing’s Hall – the latter a major social venue in Clinton Corners for almost 50 years!

“The History of the Grange” – January 8, 2021 Time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Presented by Ryan J. Orton, Secretary of Dutchess County Pomona Grange #32

The Grange has been a political and social force for rural America since its organization in Washington, in 1867. At one time Dutchess County had 26 Grange units, with the Town of Clinton having the most with three in the hamlets of Clinton Corners, Pleasant Plains, and Schultzville. This program will outline the Grange historically and today, as well as its influence nationally and locally.

“Across the Creek: Quakers and Antislavery in Dutchess County” – February 5, 2021 Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Presented by Peter Bunten, chairman of the Mid-Hudson Antislavery History Project. A native of Poughkeepsie, he lectures on the local history of slavery, the antislavery movement, and the Underground Railroad. In the middle decades of the 18th Century, Quaker communities – such as the Creek Meeting – were spreading across eastern Dutchess County and to points beyond. The area would go on to boast the largest settlement of Quakers outside Philadelphia. Almost from the beginning, these Quakers – along with their neighbors – found themselves at the forefront of the slavery-antislavery debate. We’ll explore some of the cultural and political aspects of this development, which link our local history to national events.

FDR, the WPA and the National Arts Program – March 19, 2021 Time: 55 minutes

Clinton Historical Society President Cynthia Koch talks about the jobs programs of the New Deal and their lasting contributions to our national life.

“The Legend of Fiddler’s Bridge Road” by Vito Petroccitto Jr.

Local musician Vito Petroccitto Jr. tells the story of the murder that gave Fiddler’s Bridge Road it’s name. Are you a disbeliever?

Film: Babe Ruth at Sing Sing” – May 7, 2021 Time: 52 minutes

Presented by Jim Ormond, independent filmmaker. In 1929 Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees traveled to Sing Sing to play an exhibition game against the inmate team. Ruth blasted a fastball with such a force that it cleared the prison’s 40-foot wall. This new documentary looks at the game through the lens of social history, examining the events in major league baseball and the American prison system that led up to the Sing Sing game.