The Clinton Historical Society maintains a research archive that is open to members and to the public by appointment. All materials must be used in our library. Nonmembers are asked to pay a fee of $10 per visit. Contact to schedule an appointment.

Highlights of the collection:

  • Nineteenth century correspondence, publications, and cemetery records relating to the local Friends Meeting, which built the Creek Meeting House in 1777–1782 and occupied the building until 1927.
  • Minute books and membership records for the Upton Lake Grange 1895–1994 (which occupied the CHS building 1927–1993).
  • Manuscripts, deeds, and indentures dating to the late 18th century.
  • Numerous family collections of letters, diaries, scrapbooks, and photographs.
  • Ledgers and other business files for local mills, farms, stores, blacksmith, two local insurance companies, and the town medical doctor dating from the 19th century.
  • Minute books and membership lists for local organizations including the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (1910–1920).
  • Tax records, school records, and other scattered and discontinued 19th and 20th century town records.
  • Books, artifacts, research notes, and unpublished manuscripts from local historians, pamphlets, and local history publications.
  • Reference collection of photocopies, typescripts, index card files, and microfilm of federal and state census records, local maps, Dutchess County government records, and Dutchess County Historical Society and other archival records containing information on the Town of Clinton.

Book Collection

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