SUMMER EXHIBIT – FINAL WEEKEND – Music Machines, Radio, and Music: 1890s-1950s

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It’s your last chance to see the exhibit that is the talk of the town!

See demonstrations of our antique music machines including c.1879 Swiss cylinder music box, 1890 parlor organ, 1895 Edison cylinder phonograph, 1903 Regina disc music box, 1925 player piano, 1930s Victrola, and 1950 Wurlitzer juke box.

Learn the history of radio from our “History of Radio” display panel and our twenty vintage radios, circa 1920 through 1950s, including a crystal radio set, a 1923 radio with 3 tuning dials, and a 1932 Philco cathedral radio broadcasting FDR’s “Day of Infamy” speech.

Experience our interactive exhibit demonstrating Morse code over an authentic 1879 transatlantic cable.

Reminisce over our seven large display panels showing original sheet music covers, music historical information, and backgrounds of the music and recording artists with photos for each decade from the 1890s through the 1950s, music machines “How It Works”, and a large collection of reproduced vintage advertising for music machines and radios.

Enjoy the interactive video station featuring 11 famous big bands and popular dances of the 1920s through 1940s.

Challenge yourself at a game of “Identify These Famous Radio Stars”.

Create a memory by having your picture taken in our 1920s Clinton living room including a vintage radio.

1920 Clinton Living Room

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