Invisible People, Untold Stories: The Role of the Non-Native Community in the Recovery of Voices of Native People

June 30, 2021 4:01 pm Published by

NOTE: this is a ZOOM only presentation.

Presented by Bill Jeffway, Executive Director of Dutchess County Historical Society (DCHS), and Melodye Moore, Chair of DCHS Collections

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Only Native People themselves can share the perspective, values, and history of their community. But there is a role for the non-native community as well in helping to protect and preserve archaeological sites and ensuring that our history is inclusive of a variety of perspectives. In addition to preservation priorities and methods, we’ll examine iconic examples of the “one story, one truth” model and discuss the tensions that can arise when balancing a wish to unite in a common identity involves the erasure of distinct communities.

On November 5 at 7:30PM, click here to join the ZOOM presentation!


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